Ciao e grazie, Giulia!

Unsere Freiwillige Giulia aus Italien hat unsere Gruppe durch das letzte KiGru-Jahr begleitet. Mit viel Amore für die Kinder und toller Unterstützung fürs Team. Und die Salame di cioccolato nicht zu vergessen. 🙂 Danke für alles, liebe Giulia!

Hier könnt ihr Giulias Bericht nachlesen. Sie war im Rahmen eines EU-geförderten Programms des Vereins Grenzenlos bei uns. Jedes Jahr wird unsere Kindergruppe so durch eine:n europäische:n Freiwillige:n kulturell, menschlich und ganz praktisch im Alltag bereichert.

My name is Giulia, I am from Italy and I volunteered for 10 months in the Kindergruppe Amerlinghaus.

Right after the High School years I decided to apply for a volunteering project in a German speaking country to practice the language that I studied and I will be forever thankful to have been selected for this project here in Vienna!  

In these 10 months I was helping my colleagues in organizational terms and I was mostly taking care about the children by playing with them, sharing my culture, reading books, doing some DIY activities and I also took part into a lot of outdoor excursions (which I loved!). 

Working with children, from 3 to 6 years old, was very rewarding and I learned a lot from them (starting from the language!!), this surprised me a lot because even though the very young age, they can be very wise somehow! 

I am very happy of the project because I firstly get to know better myself, improved and developed new sides of my personality (especially the creativity) and I experienced a lot of new things that I have never thought to do. 

Besides work, I really had great time in Vienna, I definitely fell in love with this wonderful capital city (perfectly well connected!), you never get bored here because you are always able to find something to do! There is a huge offer of activities, either outdoor either indoor (e.g. exploring the Wiener Wald, swimming in the Danube, visiting museums, going to the theatre, attending public events… and even much more!!). 

I traveled a lot, I visited amazing and breathtaking places and I was constantly surrounded by a very international context, I tried to practice my language skills as much as I could and every moment was perfect to learn something new, even by easy and cheerful talks with people. I must say that Vienna let me collect a lot of unforgettable moments and meet wonderful people! 

Vielen Dank Wien


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